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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Temple of Kalasasaya

Kalasasaya (kala=rock, saya or sayasta=standing up), in other words the name can be roughly translated to temple of the standing rocks. 5 meter tall rocks make up most of this temple. This ceremonial center is 126 meters long by 117 meters wide. It has an internal yard of rectangular form which is below the levelof the ground, which can be reached through a 6 step stair made from a single carved stone. This temple was used to identify the change of seasons and the solar year of 365 days. In both equinox (fall: 21st of March, spring: 21st of September) the Sun went through the center of main entrance gate, which can be accessed using a large stairway. 
On each side of the yard there are 7 half underground rooms.

This wall is know as the Chunchukala, or balcony wall. On this wall you can fin a hole which is similar to a human ear, which permits you to hear sounds which are made far away. This type of "sound amplifier" gives us an idea that acoustics principles where known and applied in the Tiwanaku culture.

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