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Monday, May 19, 2008

The Jichi of Isirere (p1)

Beni is a place full of beauty, one of the east departments of Bolivia it is still covered in virgin forests and jungles. It still has tribes which have never met civilization hidden in its territory, but among the people which are know civilization there are old men which tell even older stories.

One of these is the legend of the Jichi of Isirere which goes like this.

Isirere is the name of a lake which is found two kilometers from the town of San Ignacio de Moxos, found in the department of Beni. It's inhabitants believe that it has an enchanted spirit which protects the place and which is called the Jichi of Isirere.

Isirere is a name in the ignacian dialect, some say it is the wrong pronunciation of the Spanish name Ignacio.

Jichi, in the legends and traditions of these people of east boliva is a mythological being which protects lakes or other places with water. It is a water god, which lives in the waters and people from towns near the lake feared getting near it since they thought this spirit lived there.

According to the belief, whenever the Jichi got angy the water shaked and attracted people to drown them. One of this stories talks about a yomomo, a humid swamp where some people from a town had digged a hole where they let water gather to later take some for their daily use.

Continues in part2.

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