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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Schedule of the Religious and Cultural Tour of Cochabamba

There are more festivities than the ones I post here, and there are also food fairs, drinks fairs and others which make different tours of the valley.

In this case I am posting the schedule of the Religious tour of the Cochabambine valleys.

FESTIVIDAD DE LA VIRGEN DE LA CANDELARIA (Festivity of the Virgen of la Candelaria)
Aiquile and Colomi 1st and 2nd of february


CH´ALLA DEL CARNAVAL (Carnival Ch'alla)

FIESTA DE SAN JOSÉ (San Jose Festivity)
Quillacollo, 19th of march

Valle Hermoso, 3rd of May

FESTIVITY DE SAN ISIDRO LABRADOR (Festivity of San Isidro Farmer)
Tiraque, 14 y 15 de Mayo

FESTIVIDAD DE SAN JUAN (Festivity of Saint John)
All Bolivia, 23 and 24 of june

FESTIVIDAD DE SAN PEDRO Y SAN PABLO (Festivity of Saint Peter and Saint Paul)
Aiquile, Sacaba and San Benito, 29th of june

FESTIVIDAD DEL SEÑOR DE TOCO (Festivity of the Lord of Toco)
Toco - 4,5 and 6 of july

FESTIVIDAD DE LA VIRGEN DEL CARMEN (Festivity of the Virgen of Carmen)
Cliza and Independencia - 15,16 and 17 of july

FESTIVIDAD DE SANTA TERESA (Festivity of Saint Therese)
Parotani, Quintanilla and Villa Rivero, 16 of july

FESTIVIDAD DEL APÓSTOL SANTIAGO (Festivity of Saint James Apostel)
Anzaldo, El Paso, Sipe-Sipe and Tarata, 25 of july

FESTIVIDAD DE SANTA ANA (Festivity of Saint Ann)
Cala Cala, Sacaba, 26 of july

FESTIVIDAD DE LA VIRGEN DE LA ASUNCIÓN (Festivity of the Virgen of the Ascunsion)
Capinota, 14,15 and 16 of august

URQUPIÑA (Festivity of the Virgen of Urqupiña)
Quillacollo, 15, 16 and 17 of august

FESTIVIDAD DE SAN BARTOLOME (Festivity of Saint Bartolome)
Morochata, 24th of august

FESTIVIDAD DEL TATA SANTIAGO (Festivity of Father James)
Anzaldo, Tapacarí and Toro Toro - 24 and 25 of august

FESTIVIDAD DE LA VIRGEN DE LA BELLA (Festivity of the Beautiful Virgin)
Arani - 24 and 25 of august

FESTIVIDAD DE SAN JOAQUIN DE ITOCTA (Festivity of Saint Joaquim of Itocta)
Jaihuaico - 28 and 29 of august

SEÑOR DE LOS MILAGROS (Festivity of the Lord of the Miracles)
Sipe Sipe - 13 and 14 of September

FESTIVIDAD DEL SEÑOR DE LA EXALTACIÓN (Festivity of the Lord of Praises)
Cochabamba, 14th of september

FESTIVIDAD DEL SEÑOR DE BURGOS (Festivity of the Lord of Burgos)
Mizque, 14th of september

FESTIVIDAD DE LA VIRGEN DEL AMPARO (Festivity of the Virgen of Amparo)
Sacaba - 30th of october and 1st of november

TODOS SANTOS (All Saints day)
Festivity in all Bolivia, 1st of november

FESTIVIDAD DE SAN SEVERINO (Festivity of Saint Severino)
Tarata, 28th of november

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