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Monday, November 12, 2007

Entrada Universitaria (University Parade)

During this weekend we had in Cochabamba the "Entrada Universitaria", which is a typical parade organized by the local state University (Universidad Mayor de San Simon) to celebrate its foundation. This year we had 53 student groups (fraternidades estudiantiles) with aproximately 12000 dancers which went through the streets of Cochabamba from 10:30 Saturday morning to past midnight of Sunday.

Different traditional dances like; pujllay, saya afroboliviana, tarqueadas, sicuris, llameradas, caporales, morenadas, chacareras, chapaqueadas, tinkus, potolos, sicus and taquiraris were all shown on the streets of Cochabamba during several hours.

Several guest groups from all the other state universities of Bolivia were also present.

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