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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The main square of Cochabamba - Plaza 14 de Septiembre

The 14th of September Cochabamba celebrates its civic festivity. The main square of the city is named after this civic date.

Our main square was remade in 1838, it has four different levels and columns of doric and jonic styles. It is a mixture between barroque and neoclasi styles.

In the center of the square there is a large column called the Column of Heroes or Column of Liberty which has a condor with its wings extended on top. There is also a water fountain surrounded by palm trees, the main square is a point of interest you should visit if you are in Cochabamba.

You will also find that in the main square of Cochabamba there is always someone preaching about the end of the world or carrying on a show to sell something, there are also presentations or exhibitions and other cultural activities.

En el centro se observa un enorme enfilado de cemento ,estilo Corintio, conocido como “Columna de los Héroes” o “Columna de la Libertad” en cuya cúspide se yergue un cóndor con las alas extendidas.La fuente colonial que salpica humedad a su contorno, es una de sus reliquias bien conservada.Rodeada de palmeras, y vistosos jardines con árboles ornamentales, la Plaza 14 de Septiembre ofrece un ambiente digno de ser visitado.

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