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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Chapare Province - Villa Tunari

In the map I posted previously number 10 corresponds to the Chapare Province. This province has a tropical climate which is very much like the one we find on the east of Bolivia in the amazon basin. However, the Andean mountains are still present and thus we have a subtropical ecosystem with a large variety of animals and plants.

Villa Tunari

This is the touristic center of the Chapare, where we find the biggest town of the tropic. It is located at the feet of the mountain chain of the Andes, in an island-type place between the rivers San Mateo and Espíritu Santo; at 160 Kms from the city of Cochabamba and with a yearly average temperature of 30°C.

At Villa Tunari we can find modern and comfortable hotels, roads and communications posts. It offersa variety of attractions and touristic activities: swimming in natural crystaline water pits, hikes through paths where you can appreciate the local flora and fauna, canoe trekking, river fishing and visits to different natural attractions like the national parks, ports, native tribes, etc.

I include some photographs of the Chapare:

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